Where is Genius Bootcamp Located?

6/13/17 – NEW LOCATION

Stevens Henager College
383 West Vine Street, Murray (Salt Lake City), UT 84123

What is the Genius Bootcamp schedule?

Sometimes classes end early, but plan on blocking out the following hours:

1 pm – 6 pm Thursday
9 am – 6 pm Friday
9 am – 6 pm Saturday

Keep in mind that each section and activity builds upon the previous, so do not plan to miss portions of it. If you cannot attend the whole time as outlined above, we recommend that you wait until you can attend a full event.

How much does Genius Bootcamp cost?

Genius Bootcamp costs $347. When space is available, alumni may return for a refresher for just small fee to cover materials.

Are meals provided?

No, meals are not provided, but there will be an option after you register to upgrade your ticket to VIP status, where the facilitator will take you to lunch or dinner during the event to provide some personal coaching. Otherwise, there are several restaurants nearby. CLICK HERE to browse restaurants near Stevens-Henager College.

What is the Refund/Cancellation Policy?

Click here to view the complete terms and conditions.

Will Leslie Householder be at the event?

Genius Bootcamp is a ‘facilitated’ program based on Leslie’s books, but she rarely gets to attend them personally. (She WILL be there for part of the June 22-24 event.)

Shantel-newShantel McBride has conducted more than 25 Genius Bootcamp workshops since 2011. You will be empowered and inspired. Shantel brings unique experience and skill that makes the class not just profoundly impactful, but also a LOT of fun!!

We like to have a good time with the Genius Bootcamp theme, so don’t be surprised if you register and your welcome email barks at you a little bit. It’s all just for fun. The truth is, your class facilitator is as nice and as gentle as they come.

(She even happens to be a certified chaplain on the side, so you’re getting a passionate, compassionate, kind, WISE and supportive cheerleader for all three days of the course.)

How do I prepare for the event?

When you come to Genius Bootcamp, be prepared to bring at least one perplexing problem or dilemma. The more defined and specific it is, the more you’ll get out of the workshop. However, if you’re having a hard time nailing it down before class, don’t worry. Just do your best. We’ll take it from there.

You also need to read The Jackrabbit Factor – available now as a free download. Get your free download at JackrabbitFactor.com.

Extra Credit:

Read Portal to Genius before you get to class, and you’ll get more out of the event than everyone who does not read it first. Reading Portal to Genius is not a pre-requisite like The Jackrabbit Factor is, but it will make a huge difference if you do. Portal to Genius is now available as a free download! It may be obtained at our website, or from your favorite book retailer.

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