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Leslie Householder, Founder

Leslie Householder is the award-winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters. She is the creator of Genius Bootcamp and the Mindset Mastery Program. Her love of the principles and gentle style are demonstrated not just in her delivery of the Genius Bootcamp experience, but also in her Rare Faith blog and podcast. When Leslie teaches Genius Bootcamp, it is called a “Special Engagement”.


Angi Bair

Angi is passionate about helping people become their best self. Besides  facilitating the Genius Bootcamp experience, she is also skilled in helping people release emotional baggage that holds them down and keeps them from realizing their full potential. She has three beautiful daughters, two sons in-law, and two grand babies with more on the way. She loves the outdoors, skiing, golfing, traveling, and shopping, but mostly spending time with her family. She is a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, a Rare Faith Certified Mentor, and caring Genius Bootcamp Facilitator.

Kathryn Barney

Carol Colvin

Colleen Corbett

Colleen is a certified Rare Faith Mentor and Licensed Program Facilitator who loves helping people see that change is a choice they can make and delights in showing them the path of rare faith that leads to peace, purpose and joy. Colleen understands what it means to struggle with self improvement and self defeat, always trying to accomplish something but coming away feeling like a failure. Now she knows what it’s like to finally break through, and she is eager to help others experience it, too. Graduating from Mindset Mastery with Honors marked the beginning of her new life, and facilitating Genius Bootcamp for others is how she gives back.

Beckie Dragon

Steve Dragon

Wayne Hafner

Marnie Kuhns

Marnie Pehrson Kuhns is a mother of 6 who started her own business in May of 1990. She is a bestselling author with 27 titles including historical fiction romance, inspirational Christian and business books. Her 2019 book release, Confidence Rising! shares her miraculous story of overcoming devastating losses to restoration and recovery. Fun fact: Marnie was Leslie’s original business coach and book mentor who convinced her (Leslie) in 2002 to begin teaching on the web and writing books. She built Leslie’s first website, taught her how to self-publish, and invited Leslie to be a guest speaker (for her first time ever) at Marnie’s virtual Women’s Conference that October. Marnie has been a mover and a shaker on the web since before social media was even a thing. In fact, she created the very first Internet mall in the 90s. This girl is a wealth of knowledge, and we are fortunate to have her on the team!

Rosa Long

Rosa Long is a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, Rare Faith Certified Mentor and Genius Bootcamp Facilitator. She believes her life’s purpose is to serve others and assisting them in living in gratitude and creating love and joy in their lives. She is a life-long student of learning and is always eager to share her knowledge with others. Rosa is a mind balance facilitator whose passion is to support parents raising children with special needs as well as parents struggling with identifying their children’s unique gifts. She is a wife and mother of 3 adult children, two of which are on the spectrum and are thriving in life. This is where she finds the best example of living life in the NOW and finding joy in simply BEING. Rosa loves the outdoors, enjoying the beauty all around, doing activities such as walking, biking, hiking, and most especially horseback riding.

Shantel McBride

Shantel McBride is an in-demand coach, inspirational speaker, motivational teacher/trainer, author and certified chaplain. Her influence and leadership has impacted audiences and individuals worldwide through her involvement with TEDx, CEO Space, SHEROES United, Women of Worth, and Good Shepherd Home Care and Hospice. She has facilitated over 25 Genius Bootcamps, changing lives since 2011. While the term “bootcamp” may sound intimidating, rest assured that you’re getting a passionate, compassionate, WISE and supportive cheerleader for all three days of the course.

Dawn Norton

Dawn is a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) with a Functional Medicine background (FMCHC). She is also an EFT Coach, BYU grad, wife, mom to 7, and Nanna to 6. Her greatest professional desire is to partner with men and women of faith that have a loss of light and power; through shifting mindsets and heartsets, elevating lifestyle change, and deepening spiritual strength, allowing them to create clarity, confidence, and the ability to fully express themselves as God intended.

Matthew Pilling

Alyson Porter

Caroline Skrdla

Cari Skrdla, Ph.D., is the founder of LifeBack LLC, a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, and currently serves as the Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator for Leslie & Trevan Householder. She is a wife and mother with a passion for serving through speaking, teaching, and writing to empower others to be their best. Her background includes a B.S. in Psychology, a Masters in Business Administration focused on Global Innovation, a Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Director of Training, Leadership Development, and Strategic Planning at Disney, Sales trainer for MCI, Siemens, and Level 3, Senior Project Manager for the City of Detroit 2006 Super Bowl, Project Management Certification, University Business Development Representative, Supervisor of over 45 department leaders and 300 volunteers, University Director for Workforce Development, and certification in Ontology. While anyone may attend her events, hers is a focused Genius Bootcamp for Professionals.

Kristi Steidley

Kristi learned at a young age people like to talk about themselves. She also learned she would rather listen than talk. She enjoys asking questions and getting to know people. “I love people!”

Michelle Taylor

Jimi Teague

Jimi offers training for people seeking peace in the midst of a chaotic life. Overcoming a long list of traumas and challenges herself while raising 3 special needs children, she has become passionate about helping others overcome their life’s challenges, finding peace and achieving their true purpose. She graduated from Mindset Mastery with honors, is a Rare Faith certified mentor, and a Genius Bootcamp Facilitator.

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