A letter from Genius Bootcamp founder, Leslie Householder

Dear Reader,

If you’ve ever experienced a life-changing epiphany, then you know how powerful one simple idea can be. One idea – the right idea – the right thought at the right moment, can permanently transform a life, a family, even a community, and it can literally affect generations.

One of my biggest personal epiphanies took place in 2000, and in an instant, my life changed forever.

That major epiphany led to my first award-winning best seller, The Jackrabbit Factorand subsequent epiphanies led to my more recent book (the sequel), Portal to Geniusupon which the Genius Bootcamp experience is based.

However, I’ve been having a hard time finding words to describe Genius Bootcamp – something that is pretty much indescribable.

So let me approach it this way: You know how it feels, to yearn for a breakthrough. Maybe sometimes you feel like you’re supposed to be doing something more… but WHAT?

Maybe you already know exactly what you should be doing… but something’s missing. What IS that thing?

Or perhaps you’ve been trapped in anguish over the past, or fear about the future – and as much as you want to move on – you just can’t seem to figure out how. What kind of inner shift could possibly make all the difference?

Is there such a thing?

This 3-day Genius Bootcamp experience unlocks the answers to these questions and many more… but like I said, I can’t quite put words to what you’ll experience there. But if you think about it, that shouldn’t be too surprising, because you may not be able to put words to the problem you’re facing, either.

A problem without words, and an experience that can’t be described… they’re really a perfect match for each other.

So come get clarity. Come discover the genius solution that will change your life.

Sometimes your answer shows up on day one, sometimes not until the last day, but if you trust your instructor to guide you through the Genius Bootcamp process, the answer WILL COME.

And the best part… your answers will be unique to YOU, and totally private (if you want them to be). Even your instructor doesn’t have to know what your problem is, or how it will be conquered. Those answers come directly to you from inside you. We simply create the environment, support, and training to help you recognize the answers when they come.

Attend Genius Bootcamp

I know that the name “Genius Bootcamp” may seem intimidating. But don’t let the name fool you. You don’t have to be a genius to experience success in the class. In fact…

The less genius you feel right now, the better.

The word “bootcamp” just means that we cover a lot of ground and make a lot of progress in a very short period of time.

We like to have fun with the Genius Bootcamp theme, so don’t be surprised if your welcome email barks at you a little bit. It’s all just for fun. The truth is, your class facilitator will be a powerful, dynamic, passionate, compassionate, WISE and supportive cheerleader for all three days of the course.

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To your success!

Leslie Householder

PS. If you already have a reliable way to get trusted answers to life’s tough questions, you’ll discover that these additional insights and techniques provide additional clarity and confidence in your decisions. The process you will learn at bootcamp does not replace anything you already do – it simply helps you become infinitely better at it.

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Unexpected Solutions, Peace of Mind, Confidence, and a Big Dose of WOW

Got a dilemma?

Perfect. Genius Bootcamp wakes you up and helps you see your problem from a whole new perspective… and from that ten-thousand-foot level, you begin to recognize your hidden resources, and just how to arrange them for your ultimate victory.

gbc-class“The Genius Bootcamp totally lives up to its name because it helps you find your own genius. I have attended three bootcamps and facilitated two. Not only have I found my own genius, but I have witnessed many others do the same. Finding your genius is simple. The bootcamp teaches you how to find and listen to your own intuition … enabling you to ask the right questions in order get your own answers to your life’s challenges. These are powerful principles that produce powerful results.” – Ken Carroll, Sandy, Utah.

“The bootcamp was amazing… I feel completely re-awakened and alive… I had a blast! [It] really took me for a spin, but ironically, straightened me out. [I was] out of a JOB …and I took the chance on coming instead of looking for one… it was definitely worth it because of the tools given, the ah-has, the mastermind atmosphere …and the experience helped me remember and rekindle my hope and faith in my dream and myself!” – Cameran Hadlock

Got goals? Need help launching your rocket?

You know the principles of success work – you’ve seen it happen. Maybe you look back at times in your life when things were really popping for you. But how do you get back in the groove on purpose? What if your old habits are getting in the way and sabotaging your every effort?

“It was a real challenge to leave my wife home with 5 kids to come, yet the time away helped me value them more. An ah-ha moment for me was when I realized how to share my genius rather than push it on [others] to make it a common goal. It was so worth it. I liked the uplifting non-hype way the information was presented, and how I am going home with a solid plan for what I am doing next, and the feeling, and recharge methods to keep it going.” – James Moore

You’re on the front lines of an all-out war against mediocrity, and it’s time to prepare you for victory.

Victory is won in those single, shining moments when you make a quality decision. This event gives you the environment, information, exercises, strategies, battle plans, and support to claim your victory NOW and return with extraordinary confidence to the battlefield of Life where your decided win can play out.

In short, we help you tap into those ideas that have the power to transform your life forever.

gbc-class2“I was massively impressed when [our instructor] invited, encouraged [us] to step out and [finish a] brainstorm rather than stay in class. It said that [the instructors are] clear about the purpose of the seminar – Get the genius flowing.” – Steve B., Arizona

“I was REALLY stuck… After The Genius Bootcamp… I have NEVER EVER been SO CLEAR!!! THANK-YOU with ALL my HEART ♥~ …I will ALWAYS remember that weekend and what you taught me, SO POWERFUL!! My biggest sacrifice was clearing my schedule, missing work.  It was ‘SO’ worth it. I needed it really bad and I knew it was right to come. I got a huge answer the first day and then answers everyday after. If you need clarity and ideas and a ‘Big Push,’ then go. This was awesome. I loved the whole thing. I was totally inspired to come; I’m glad I listened.” – Shantel McBride

Before you attend Genius Bootcamp, you need to first read The Jackrabbit Factor – available now as a free download: 

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