Facing a BIG Problem?
Not Sure What To Do Next?

The solution to EVERY problem

…and the idea YOU need is already in the room.

Hi, my name is Leslie Householder, and I am a mindset specialist, author and trainer.

I work with entrepreneurs and purpose-driven individuals who want to experience significant growth in their income and reach.

Because most:

  • Lack the resources they need to take the next step
  • Feel worried or uncertain about their future, and
  • Are tired of working harder without getting ahead.

So I help them get the resources and confidence they need by:

  • Shifting their perspective
  • Helping them discover their HIDDEN resources, and
  • Showing them how to do LESS to get better results


Bottom line: 

I take people who are struggling with a problem (and it doesn’t even matter what kind), to having exactly what they need to take their NEXT GENIUS STEP, while helping them rise above their challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.


Step-by-step, you can get anywhere you want to go.

I have 20+ years experience, and thousands of success stories. My process works! Why not find out if it can help you, too? 

To get started, read my free Jackrabbit Factor ebook here


If you are ready for a 3-day life changing experience…

Join me for my very LAST Genius Bootcamp!

It’s time.

I’ve been teaching Genius Bootcamp since 2011, and for those who attend, they never see life the same way again.

  • Problems are solved
  • Lives are changed
  • Hope is found
  • What seemed IMpossible suddenly becomes POSSIBLE

But our organization has grown, and it’s time for me to focus my attention on supporting the expansion. That’s why we’ve spent the last few years training up a team of exceptional mentors and facilitators who help us deliver our programs. 


But before I step away from this role for good, in order to give our future students a more convenient way to learn from home, I’m creating an online Genius Bootcamp Immersion program, which takes our regular Genius Bootcamp to the next level. Until then…


I’m teaching my very LAST Genius Bootcamp in a professional recording studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Going forward, only our trained, certified facilitators will teach our live events.)


Let’s Make History Together!

This event will be one for the history books. We’re going to make history in two ways:

  1. Not only will this be my last live in-person Bootcamp, it will also be the first time we’ve ever captured an entire LIVE Genius Bootcamp on professional video.
  2. It will also mark the moment in history when you FINALLY discovered that genius solution you’ve been looking for to resolve that problem you’ve been dealing with for a very long time.


What problem do YOU need to solve?

Maybe the stress has been coming from your finances, or worrying about the future. Maybe it’s a relationship or parenting challenge. Maybe you’ve just landed yourself in a pickle and don’t know what to do about it.


It doesn’t matter what the problem is, Genius Bootcamp is where you will experience the training, support, environment, and exercises that help you discover your next PERFECT inspired, genius step for the best possible outcome. 

I know problems aren’t solved in a weekend, but… 

Can you imagine getting an idea you never thought of before, and knowing that by following it, you’re taking exactly the right next step for a dependably successful outcome?

You can’t put a price on that kind of confidence.

After getting down to only $200 in the bank with no paycheck in sight and no credit or savings to fall back on, my husband and I generated $43,000 in one month using the problem-solving skills you’re going to learn in this workshop. 

(Results are not typical. I have to say that. But I’ve seen too many major breakthroughs over the years NOT to implore you to consider doing this with me).

And it’s not just about money! 

Our students have used these problem-solving skills to: 

  • save marriages
  • recover wayward children, and to 
  • overcome health challenges. 

There really is no limit to what you can accomplish with the strategy I will share with you.

So, join me.

The 12 seats in our Studio audience will be filled by invitation only. If you want to be considered for studio participation, send me a message and let me know why. 
Anyone can participate via livestream. 

To help defray the cost of this project (including a production team, professional studio rental, livestream tech management, and editing services), this opportunity comes at a higher price than our typical Genius Bootcamp. Other bootcamps are available at a lower price. Click the button to learn more.

Not ready to enroll? 

Read my free ebook Portal to Genius and, you’ll get a taste of what we’ll be doing together at the event! But don’t wait too long, because seating is limited and this opportunity isn’t coming back. It’s one thing to read about a skill, but it’s entirely another thing to DO IT. 

I’ll help you do it.